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Tucked away in British Columbia’s Kootenay region, Grand Forks is a charming community. The small city is situated just north of the Canada-US border. Within Grand Forks, you’ll discover several prominent neighbourhoods, each featuring its appeals. From historic downtown streets to quiet residential areas, Grand Forks has a place for every homebuyer. In this article, we will be going over some of the most beloved neighbourhoods in the city, so that you can get a better sense of real estate in Grand Forks.

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Central Neighbourhoods in Grand Forks

  1. Central Ave/Downtown

Central Ave/Downtown boasts a classic small-town city centre. With its tree-lined streets and charming brick architecture, there’s no better place to spend an afternoon. This neighbourhood has several heritage homes that have been preserved from their heyday in the 1900s. Some of the most prominent housing types in this area include apartments, single-family homes, townhomes, and multi-family housing units. Another awesome perk of this neighbourhood is the bike/walking paths which connect the area! Other noteworthy amenities include the Selkirk College campus, numerous restaurants and bars, and plenty of everyday necessities. 

  1. North and South Ruckle

North and South Ruckle were surveyed by Frederic Wollaston in 1897. North Ruckle is bounded by the 68th and 69th avenues between 1st and 5th streets. Meanwhile, South Ruckle is bounded by 65th avenues between 2nd and 10th streets. South Ruckle also includes Industrial Way, which is part of Como Road and Sagamore Avenue. This neighbourhood is mainly home to industrial businesses like sawmills, sheet metal factories, and more. There are some single-family homes mixed into this area, however, it is mostly an industrial zone.

  1. West Grand Forks

West Grand Forks was laid out by Frederic Wollaston in 1897, just south of what is now Highway 3. In its early days, this neighbourhood was known as Columbia and was operated as a separate city. However, in 1903 it joined with Grand Forks. Presently, this area has several neighbourhoods, each of which caters to various types of buyers. Whether you are searching for low-income housing or need assisted living, there’s something in West Grand Forks for you!  Besides this, there are also numerous new homes and some apartments. Similar to Downtown, this area has lots of great amenities—for instance, coffee shops, schools, and the local hospital. 

Central Neighbourhoods Continued

  1. Johnson Flats

Just east of Almond Gardens, between two bends in the Kettle River is where you’ll find the Johnson Flats. This neighbourhood was formerly known as Prest’s Addition after REALTOR® Thomas Prest (1838-1924). Properties in the Johnson Flats enjoy the benefits of being situated on the Kettle River. If you are someone who is looking to buy a larger property, this is a great area to start your search. The Johnson Flats are marked by their quiet atmosphere and proximity to Grand Forks’ downtown core!

  1. Valley Heights

Historically, Valley Heights is one of Grand Forks’ newest additions. This subdivision is located on the east side of the Granby River and was developed in the 1980s. The streets of Valley Heights include Wellington Crescent, Victoria Way, Valley Heights Drive, Golden Way, and Central Avenue. This neighbourhood affords residents the ability to walk to do their daily errands. Additionally, there is minimal noise and lots of opportunities for future growth. Talk with your real estate agent about a home in Valley Heights!

  1. Riverside Drive

To conclude our list of central neighborhoods in Grand Forks is Riverside Drive. This neighbourhood is situated right next to the Downtown/Central Ave area. Residents with homes in Riverside Drive get the pleasure of living right next to the river—as the name suggests. The most prevalent housing type in this neighbourhood is single-family detached homes. However, there are a few townhomes and duplexes. Some of the amenities include beaches, walking trails, and easy access to Downtown!

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