Nestled in British Columbia’s Kootenay region, Grand Forks is a peaceful community. The small city is situated just north of the Canada-US border. Within Grand Forks, you’ll discover several prominent neighbourhoods, each with its own perks. Last month, we covered the urban neighbourhoods in Grand Forks, highlighting all of their most notable features. Continuing with this series, we will be going over the city’s most beloved rural areas.

From Carson to Hardy Mountain, follow along below to learn more about Grand Forks’ neighbourhoods!

Where to Find Rural Grand Forks Real Estate?

Grand forks rural real estate for sale
  1. Almond Gardens

The first on our list of rural neighbourhoods in Grand Forks is Almond Garden. This large neighbourhood covers a massive portion of the city and is located adjacent to the Canada-U.S. border. Despite its name, there are no almonds being grown in this area. Its title was actually given for a government agent named Sid Russel Almond—one of the first four settlers in the area. While this neighbourhood is rural, it’s still very close to several key amenities. For example, the city centre and the airport. Almond Gardens is loved by residents for its quiet atmosphere and large parcels of land.  

  1. Carson

In the same vicinity as Almond Gardens, lies Carson. This neighbourhood is also bounded by the Canada-U.S. border. While Carson is not presently within city limits, most would consider it to be a Grand Forks suburb. Streets in the neighbourhood include Vernon, Graham, Victoria, Vancouver, Vale, Westminster, Riverside, and International Avenues. Strangely, Carson Road isn’t part of Carson, but rather, Almond Gardens. This assumption is frequently made, even by Google Maps. Getting to and from Downtown Grand Forks is only a short 10-minute drive. Residents in Carson enjoy larger properties and the tranquility that comes with a rural home. 

  1. Nursery

Next up, is Nursery. This neighborhood is situated east of the city and is known chiefly for its farming activities. Beyond agriculture, Nursery is also home to several residential amenities like mountain biking trails, walking paths, and parkland. From Nursery, it is a 14-minute drive to Christina Lake where residents can access all sorts of fun summer activities. Buyers looking to purchase in this area will discover that most housing types are single-family detached homes on large plots of land, often with several outbuildings. 

Other Areas to Check Out!

  1. North Fork

One of the largest rural areas in Grand Forks is North Fork. This expansive plot of land follows the Granby River for several miles. North Fork expands from the west to the east ends of the city. Given such large boundaries, it’s no surprise that there is a lot of variance in housing type and amenities in this area. While the majority of the neighbourhood is rural, there are two major subdivisions called Copper Ridge and Eagle Ridge. From large single-family homes to small cottages, you’ll find it all in North Fork. And, if you love adventure, you’ll be excited to know that North Fork is home to several activities. Some of the common outdoor adventures you’ll find in North Fork include hiking, mountain biking, backcountry skiing, snowshoeing, fishing, and hunting. 

  1. Hardy Mountain

Hardy Mountain took its name after the Hardy brothers, Thomas, Neil, and Edward. This area is located to the west of Grand Forks and overlooks the valley below. Residents of Hardy Mountain get to enjoy the stunning view and diverse mix of housing. From residential homes to agricultural plots, this area has a perfect mix of rural and urban housing. Downtown Grand Forks is only a 5-10-minute drive from most homes in the neighbourhood.

  1. Spencer Hill

Located in similar boundaries to Hardy Mountain is Spencer Hill. This area boasts the same scenic views of the Grand Forks Valley as Hardy Mountain. Within the Spencer Hill area, you’ll find plenty of farmland planted with vegetables, fruit trees, and vineyards. Buyers should note that most housing types in Spencer Hill are single-detached properties with larger land sizes. 

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